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About Us

Boatcoat supply shrink wrapping films and installation equipment to boat builders, boat yards, brokers and dealers throughout Europe.

Boat shrink wrapping describes the technique of covering a boat with a heavy duty white plastic film. The film is heat shrunk using a hand held hot air gun to create a tightly fitting and moulded covering that cannot flap or chafe the boat. Shrink wrap film is used to completely protect boats of all sizes from damage during winter storage or road transport.

By protecting products from the hazards of overland deliveries builders and dealers ensure that boats arrive with customers 'as new', saving valeting costs or warranty claims to fix any damage. By offering shrink wrapping as an additional service, boat yards and marinas can generate extra revenue and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Boatcoat shrinkwrapping film can create work tents or shelters that provide complete environmental containment around a yacht maintenance project. Wrapping a scaffold structure around a vessel creates a completely sealed skin that keeps dust in and the weather out.

Boatcoat films are available in a range of sizes up to 14m (46') wide and from 190 to 300 microns thick. This means that even the largest boat can be covered with a single sheet of film. A range of accessories such as air vents and zipped access doors are also available. All Boatcoat films are manufactured and warehoused in Europe to ensure rapid delivery times and lowest possible transport costs.

ISO9001 accrediation
In addition to the supply of shrink wrap films Boatcoat also provide training and support to new customers. Any enquiries for shrink wrapping services that we receive are passed to our nearest authorised installer.

Boatcoat is an ISO9001 accredited company and a member of The British Marine Federation.



Boatcoat has over 6 years experience in installing custom fit covers and as the demand for quality boat covers has grown we began offering training and accreditation in this area whilst supplying the raw materials to a growing number of Boatcoat approved installers which now covers the whole of Europe.